Q. Wait up. Can I use the graphics to create my own design, add my business name, and then sell it on a t-shirt?

A. Yes! The terms really are that lenient. Rare, I know. All I ask is that you don’t take my graphics and turn around and sell ‘as is’ or resell the graphic in digital form as your own.

You can’t take a camper graphic, for instance, add it to another digital collection of yours and resell it. If that doesn’t make sense, please contact me.


Q. How does this work? Explain the two levels of membership.

A. I offer two levels of membership – a Digital Box level and a VIP level. Both levels get a digital box each month full of exclusive graphics not sold anywhere else. The terms are the same for both levels. You can use them in your business, as long as you aren’t selling my graphics individually or ‘as is’.


Q. So what’s the difference between the Digital Box level and the VIP level?

A. Basically, the VIP level gets access to a huge content library of graphics (over 2000 files), all the digital boxes ever released, and bonus graphics each month. I hook the VIPs up for sure. To purchase all of the graphics individually, it would cost over $1500 easily.

But if you aren’t needing that many graphics, or you aren’t sure the VIP level is for you, I invite you to purchase a Digital Box membership. You are billed monthly whereas the VIP is billed every 6 months. (If you want to upgrade, I will refund your last digital box payment).

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