Owning a Creative Business Just Got a Lot Easier!

>> Coming up with new graphics to keep your product line fresh can be overwhelming.

When you join PLC Creative Living, you get exclusive access to new graphics every month.

>> You can use the graphics without restrictions in your business.

(Of course, personal users are just as welcome as business owners!)




As a Digital Box Member you get all this:

  • A Digital Box of new graphics each month (each month is a new collection not previously released with 20 to 80 files in the form of digital papers, design elements, and more!)
  • Exclusive graphics from PLC that aren’t offered anywhere else. These are designed specifically for members only.
  • Design resources & tutorials
  • Design templates
  • Freedom to create designs to put on your products
  • Business tips to help you market your business
  • Digital graphics community where you can get help
  • Discounts to courses and services
  • Option to buy additional graphics each month (if you are needing more than one box a month)


Supercharge your membership and get more value when you join as a VIP member! 

Get everything above plus:

  • Access to the entire VIP graphics library – that’s over 2500 files!
  • All the past digital boxes ever released
  • Bonus boxes
  • Discounts on additional boxes available for purchase (ya know if you need more graphics each month!)

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Q. Wait up. Can I use the graphics to create my own design, add my business name, and then sell it on a t-shirt?

A. Yes! The terms really are that lenient. Rare, I know. All I ask is that you don’t take my graphics and turn around and sell ‘as is’ or resell the graphic in digital form as your own.

You can’t take a camper graphic, for instance, add it to another digital collection of yours and resell it. If that doesn’t make sense, please contact me.


Q. How does this work? Explain the two levels of membership.

A. I offer two levels of membership – a Digital Box level and a VIP level. Both levels get a digital box each month full of exclusive graphics not sold anywhere else. The terms are the same for both levels. You can use them in your business, as long as you aren’t selling my graphics individually or ‘as is’.


Q. So what’s the difference between the Digital Box level and the VIP level?

A. Basically, the VIP level gets access to a huge content library of graphics (over 2000 files), all the digital boxes ever released, and bonus graphics each month. I hook the VIPs up for sure. To purchase all of the graphics individually, it would cost over $1500 easily.

But if you aren’t needing that many graphics, or you aren’t sure the VIP level is for you, I invite you to purchase a Digital Box membership. You are billed monthly whereas the VIP is billed every 6 months. (If you want to upgrade, I will refund your last digital box payment).

For more FAQs click here .

Our members use the graphics for:

  • Website Graphics and Blog Design
  • Social Media Images
  • Business Branding and Logos
  • T-shirt Design (and other product design like dish towels, hats, mugs, bags, etc.)
  • Sublimation Transfers
  • Invitations and other Printables
  • Graphic Design for Hire Projects
  • Vinyl Banners
  • Business Cards and other Marketing Materials
  • And so much more!





Kelli Mitchell is the owner of and designer at Pink Lemonade Company. In 2009, while finishing up her bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and Web Design, Kelli began working on her business.

In the beginning years of PLC, Kelli offered website and graphic design and branded hundreds of businesses. Requests for her style of graphics quickly grew.

In trying to keep up with the demand, she wanted to come up with a solution to offer her graphics on a bigger scale so that more business owners could get her graphics without waiting for an open appointment on an overbooked schedule.

Kelli has helped others grow their businesses and places high value in a ‘community over competition’ mindset. This is evident in her Facebook group which focuses on providing an insightful, encouraging environment for business owners of all levels.

An avid reader, consistent goal setter, and believer in high-quality mindset, Kelli focuses on the heart of the business by leading her business from the heart.

Have questions? Contact Kelli here.


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