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A New Digital Box Each Month. Every month we send you a digital box full of new content and exclusive graphics. This is available to members only and the content is not sold in our Etsy Shop or anywhere else.

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Freedom in Membership. No contracts. Cancel anytime. Please click here to read our Terms and FAQs.

Community. Our members are an encouraging tribe of ladies who help each other out, answer each other’s questions, and cheer each other on. Plus, Kelli is always available when you have questions or need a little help.

NEW! Business Center. Kelli has been in the digital design arena for almost 10 years and has learned what works and what doesn’t in terms of online business. Get access to her business tips and inside marketing information to help your business succeed.

NEW! Design Tutorials, Resources, and Templates. A great place to get new ideas or get a handle on the basics of digital graphics.

NEW! Member Discounts and more. Members get a standing discount on services offered by Pink Lemonade Company and courses such as the super-selling Photoshop course – Photoshop and Fabulous!


Hey there!

I’m Kelli – owner and designer at Pink Lemonade Company. Since 2009, I have been doing website and graphic design. While I love that type of work, I wanted to expand to offer a service that helped women make a greater impact. My team and I believe in empowering women and believe in the benefit of creativity for a woman’s soul. Women tend to be at the end of their own list and we have seen women come alive when they take time for themselves, learn how to design, or just make time to create. Add that in with women running their own business and they are unstoppable.

If you aren’t a member, join today and get started feeding your soul and spreading your creative wings! Whether you are a new business or have been around awhile, I welcome you to our community. I am keeping the terms easy without the restrictions you usually find on digital graphics. Cancel anytime, no contracts. See you inside!

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